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Our innovative retail ERP is designed to transform your business. With artificial intelligence, we optimize every aspect of management, from supply chain to online sales. Advanced analytics capabilities deliver strategic insights, improving decisions and operations. Inventory management becomes more efficient, avoiding overruns or shortages. Logistics integration and e-commerce streamline sales and improve the customer experience. With personalized reporting, you’ll always have a clear view of performance. Learn how Faster can elevate your business to success.


Data Based Decisions

Business Intelligence for strategic decisions driven by advanced data analysis and market trends.

Customer Service Improvement

Accurate return and product tracking management for fast and efficient customer service.

Inventory Optimization:

Guarantee that stock levels are always optimized, No risk of overflow or product shortages.

Smooth Online Sales Management

Full integration with e-commerce platforms to ensure better online sales performance and customer experience

Efficiency in the Supply Chain

Forecast and analysis for correct product allocation and replenishment management.

Advanced Logistics Integration

Shipment optimization and inventory management through efficient data exchange with logistics partners.




Supply Chain

Supplier Orders
Integrated within Faster ERP is the advanced functionality for managing supplier orders, allowing for detailed monitoring of supplies and replenishment times. Through a forecasting and analysis system, the software effectively minimizes the risk of overstock or product shortages, ensuring that stock levels are always optimized to meet business needs without excess or shortages.
Product Allocation
Thanks to advanced algorithms that optimize the allocation of new products, the software ensures that each store receives an assortment of products perfectly tailored to its customers, thereby maximizing sales.
Product Distribution
Using advanced data analysis and forecasting techniques, Faster ERP optimizes the distribution of new arrivals and initial batches of new products within the sales network. This approach guarantees that the appropriate products are available at the right time and location, reducing waiting times for customers.
Loading Lists
Utilizing advanced tracking and forecasting tools, the system manages partial arrivals of goods from external suppliers, assisting in maintaining an updated inventory and predicting any reordering needs.
Replenishment/Shipping Orders
Faster ERP implements an advanced system for managing replenishment and shipping orders. This feature uses predictive algorithms to ensure that the most demanded products are always available, thus optimizing delivery times. The software constantly analyzes sales data to predict future demand, ensuring that stocks are replenished efficiently and timely, while maintaining a constant flow of products to customers.


Warehouse Management

Return Phases
Managing the return of goods from various points of sale is essential for maintaining inventory integrity and ensuring customer satisfaction. Our advanced system governs the management of returns, allowing for precise tracking and efficient handling of product returns. This automated system not only guarantees inventory accuracy but also streamlines the return process, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. It provides a fast and seamless solution for return management.
Transfers and Inventories
Our software includes features for managing inventory and transfers, enabling precise inventory monitoring. These capabilities utilize advanced techniques to balance and optimize inventory levels, minimizing costs associated with excess or shortages while ensuring efficient inventory management to meet business requirements effectively.


Sales Management

Customer/Wholesale Orders
This functionality significantly enhances production and inventory management, precisely adapting to the requirements of wholesale customers. It utilizes advanced analytical techniques for precise planning and anticipates market demand accurately. This not only strengthens relationships with wholesalers but also optimizes the efficiency of the entire supply chain, ensuring that stocks are managed optimally to meet evolving market needs.
Buying Products
Faster ERP aligns every buying decision with emerging trends and customer behaviour through advanced data analysis. This system aligns buying with market dynamics, ensuring sustainable and cost-effective choices.
Sales and Daily Closures
Faster ERP monitors daily sales and closures using integrated analysis and reporting systems. This module collects real-time data from sales transactions, enabling you to generate detailed daily performance reports. These insights facilitate the evaluation of business performance and support strategic decision-making based on concrete data and in-depth analysis, enhancing informed and responsive business management.
E-Commerce Integration
Faster ERP is designed to synchronize in real time with e-commerce platforms, automatically detecting customer orders and processing them for shipping. This integration allows smooth management of the entire online sales cycle, from order receipt to delivery, ensuring that each step is effectively coordinated.


Headquarters Activities

Customized Reporting
This module empowers users to craft personalized reports, customized to meet the specific requirements of the company, translating intricate data into clear and actionable insights. Featuring an intuitive interface and advanced customization capabilities, users can effortlessly choose and analyze pertinent data, producing reports that showcase trends, operational efficiencies, and opportunities for enhancement.
Internal Data Analysis/BI
To enhance informed, data-driven decision-making, Faster ERP incorporates internal data analytics and business intelligence (BI) using advanced algorithms and interactive dashboards. The software processes extensive business data, converting it into comprehensible and valuable insights. This empowers companies to recognize trends, evaluate performance, and make strategic decisions grounded in concrete information and thorough analysis.
Logistics Partner Management

Efficient and secure data exchange with logistics partners is guaranteed through the utilization of advanced communication protocols and interfaces. Our software seamlessly integrates with major external logistics networks, enabling a coordinated flow of information and optimized management of shipment operations.

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