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Raise the Success of Your Sales Network with a single cloud and mobile solution



FieldForce is the essential solution for a modern, integrated, and dynamic approach to sales order management, combining ease of use with powerful analytical features. Order management becomes a smooth and intuitive process, allowing users to process and track orders with ease and precision. FieldForce provides real-time analysis of sales trends, enabling sales teams to have a clear and immediate view of performance, identifying trends, opportunities, and areas for improvement

Target Sectors

Sales agent networks
Distributors and wholesalers
Retail chains

Technical Specifications

Cloud & Mobile
Compatible OS: IOS, Android and Windows
Operational even offline


The system integrates with any ERP through web APIs, offering complete customer management that includes economic and financial details, agreements and personalized assessments, as well as the ability to monitor in real time the availability and technical specifications of products in stock.
Products are carefully cataloged, allowing quick access to real-time information on quantity and availability per item or category, improving accuracy in estimating delivery times to customers.

It is possible to quickly and easily configure promotional campaigns and flyers at any time, both via mobile devices and desktop.

FieldForce offers the possibility to perform detailed analyses on sales and business progress. At any time, thanks to the available analysis tools, it is possible to obtain reports useful in supporting commercial strategies.


Plug & Sell, quickly
reach your sales goals

With FieldForce's advanced plug-ins, you not only add functionality but optimize sales processes, improving customer interaction and gaining valuable insights, making every aspect of selling more efficient and effective.


Compiling quotes and orders becomes quick and intuitive, with the ability to manage commercial conditions, discounts, promotions, flyers, and special prices. All information is accessible at any time, both in online and offline mode.


Calculate commissions in real time with custom filters. Configure sales percentages for specific products or categories and adapt commissions to company business policies, including incentives, contests, discounts, and promotions


Generate and manage customer quotes with ease. Quickly convert quotes into purchase orders.

Sales budget

The company can define sales budgets for its salespeople and constantly monitor their performance. At the same time, the sales force receives real-time notifications on performance, compared with assigned targets.

With the Collections Management module, the sales force can record the collections of the matches indicated by the headquarters. Moreover, the system manages customer credit limits and order management policies based on commercial exposure and unpaid debts.
B2B Reserved area
The B2B module allows customers to directly access the e-commerce portal, enabling the company to receive orders directly from customers.
Thanks to the Collaboration module, the company can communicate in real time with the sales force and share important information such as commercial promotions, assign tasks, send questionnaires, and more.
Visit scheduling
FieldForce stores and manages the frequency of visits, optimizing the agenda and proposing targeted appointments to achieve sales targets. Thanks to integrated georeferencing, the system suggests the optimal route based on filters selected by the user.
Attempted sale
Enables the generation of direct sales documents, such as invoices and transport documents. Additionally, the module allows for the management of receipts for issued documents. The Tentata Vendita module also covers warehouse processes common in companies with vans and mobile warehouses, including loading and return documents.

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